Stop Foreclosure Fast in Houston TX !

Stop Foreclosure Fast in Houston TX ! AND ALL HOUSTON METRO AREA From Galveston TX to Katy TX to Conroe TX !


I take it that if you got to this article you’re in a bit of a bind.  You’ve been stressing for a while…feels like you’re dragging a bag of cement on your back and your thoughts are cloudy and stressful…..I’ve been there.  And I wish I knew about someone like me back then.  You need to Stop Foreclosure Fast in Houston TX and you’ve come to the right place.  We Stop Foreclosure and relieve people of the immense burden and stress involved in the pre-foreclosure process.  We stop foreclosure fast in Houston and in all Houston Metro Area, we bought a house that was in the foreclosure process in Spring Branch in November one in Humble in January and one in Spring this last week.  We’ve also bought homes in the foreclosure process and stopped foreclosure for people in Galveston TX, Conroe TX, Katy TX, Friendswood TX, and Missouri City TX.  We really do Stop Foreclosure fast in Houston TX and all over the Houston Metro area.

You may be thinking…..”wait…you said you bought….I don’t want to sell…I want to stop foreclosure fast in Houston TX”.

That’s very fair and if you do want to keep your house I hope that you DO NOT have to sell and you are able to stop foreclosure fast in Houston TX and ALSO keep your house.  FIRST BEFORE YOU TRY to sell Houston house to stop foreclosure fast in Houston TX try these steps.

  1. CALL your Lender and TRY to make a PAYBACK arrangement.  REMEMBER the Lender is in the LENDING BUSINESS not in the REAL ESTATE business. The bank does NOT want your house they want payments on their loan.  If you can convince them that they can get that there is a good chance they will allow you to keep your home.
  2.  If #1 Doesn’t work try these last minute steps!
  3.  If #1 and #2 don’t work look to the government for help by reaching out the U.S. Department of Housing they may be able to help with government assistance.

Now if #1, #2, and #3 have not worked…..and you need to stop foreclosure fast in Houston…you may need to face the music and sell your Houston Area house as fast as possible. You may not want to …but if your other choice is lose it anyway for $0 and also get a foreclosure on your record that can hurt your credit bad enough to stop you from buying a house in the future, getting an apartment, qualifying for a car loan and even limiting some of your job options….in addition to weeks, months and even years of more stress……then your best choice is probably to sell your house fast in Houston.

You’re not alone……and not at fault…… sometimes life just happens and we do the best we can from there…..below are reasons for Foreclosure that we see often, these people usually decide to Stop Foreclosure in Houston fast by selling their house to us in 10 days or less.


  1. You inherited a house in Houston or you need to sell a Houston house in a Probate situation and because you also just inherited mortgage payments and you can’t make the mortgage payments on it.
  2. Personal issues like going through a divorce, bankruptcy,  lost the job or the like.
  3.  Sometimes People buy a new house…put tenants in the old house they owned…then tenants at old house trash the house and stop paying rent and you can’t cover both payments. (this happens A LOT)
  4. Sometimes an elderly family member can no longer afford his/her mortgage on fixed income…he gets behind on housing payments and moves in with family…but still owns the house…family usually decides to sell the house fast after getting behind on a few payments.
  5.  Medical issues for any member of the family

All the issues above along with a LOT of other situations like these are the reasons people choose to stop foreclosure fast in Houston and sell their house to us FAST.  As you can see ALL of these issues are out of people’s control they are just bumps in the road of life that happen. We’ve all been through some of them.

No matter what is motivating you to sell your house fast in Houston TX. Whether that is to stop foreclosure fast in Houston TX or ANY other reason we can buy your house for cash here at and you can be done with the stress and hassle and tension with in days of contacting us.

Here is why we buy houses for Cash and stop foreclosure fast in Houston TX.


There are lots of reasons why Houston TX, and Humble TX and Spring TX house owners decide to work with us.

Think of this for a minute we’ll show you one way we can help house owners stop foreclosure fast in Houston, TX.

Think of a 50-year-old lady that needs to sell her Houston House fast.

Her husband recently passed due to medical issues and they didn’t have sufficient medical or life insurance.   With a ton of bills to pay…on only one income now (we’ll call this lady Susan) Susan tries to make due how she can and cuts a lot of expenses.

But even while cutting expenses Susan can’t pay the mortgage and keep living the life she wants.  So after missing a few payments while she sorted everything out, Susan decides to sell the house fast, take care of all of her debts, and move in with family out of state.

She finds us online and with our “Buying Houses Fast “ program we make her as fast all cash home offer for her Houston area house.

With the story above Susan can get cash out for her house and stop foreclosure in Houston and stop the mortgage payments in 10 days.  (Remember since we pay cash we don’t need to wait for bank approval on our financing like traditional buyers so we can close fast)

She doesn’t have to wait months for property to sell.

She doesn’t have to Pay Real Estate Agents a 6% Commission.

She doesn’t have to fix or clean the house or parade dozens of potential buyers through it.

Remember We stop foreclosure fast in Houston TX and we buy houses fast for Cash in Houston TX.  Submit a 30 second property info sheet here for your fast offer with in 24 hours if you are looking to sell fast.

Or Click here to fill out the 30-second Inquiry form and receive a fast cash offer for your home.


Selling a home can be a headache….especially if you want to stop foreclosure fast in Houston TX…the traditional real estate sale will likely not be timely enough for you and will add undue stress to an already very stressful situation.  But it doesn’t have to be a headache we can STOP FORECLOSURE FAST IN HOUSTON TX Area from Galveston TX to Conroe TX to Katy TX.

If selling through a traditional route with an agent is not going to work for you, give us a call and we’ll take a look at your situation and make a fast offer on your house.  At the least, in this case, you can use our offer to compare it with your other options.

Click here now to fill out the 30-second inquiry form and receive a fast cash offer for your home.


Click here to watch this in Video Format on Youtube!   Sell my house fast Houston! We buy Inherited Houston houses, Houston Houses in Probate and houses in Houston From ALL Types of People that need to SELL A HOUSE FAST in HOUSTON! Selling a house inheritance and selling a house in Probate has never been easier. Selling a Houston house fast has never been easier!


Stop Foreclosure Fast in Houston TX
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Stop Foreclosure Fast in Houston TX
Recent Foreclosure We Bought in Houston TX Area
Sell my house fast in Houston TX
Recent Foreclosure We Bought in Houston TX Area